It's what we love to do...

At The Playhouse and Learning Station you will find children laughing, learning, growing and building friendships while being cared for in a safe Christian environment. Our infant and toddler staff are trained, experienced and passionate about nurturing your little one during this important time of growth and development. Our Preschool teachers make learning fun with new and exciting curriculum to challenge your child's mind daily, along with time for dramatic, and outdoor play designed specifically for your child's development.


Our Focus

The Playhouse and Learning Station is an Early Education Christian School. We are rooted in the teaching of the bible, with a focus on academic excellence. We are more than a daycare or childcare facility in our ability and passion to educate young minds.  Our director here at The Playhouse and Learning Station has put together an incredible staff focused on excellence in safety, cleanliness, curriculum and community.


The Playhouse and Learning Station is home away from home. We pride ourselves on being informative with all things, small and large, communicating with our parents on every aspect of your child's day. We are all intertwined making one large family for one large purpose.